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Hyplug was first introduced into the industry in 2004 by G-Planter. It has been acknowledged as superior alternative to polybags system by the industry.

Product’s Features

Open base design ( desain dasar terbuka )

  • allow aeration as well as better establishment of root ball.
  • Ribs to direct roots toward holes to give maximum air root pruning. Plants are easy to extract from the trays due to the smooth & tapering cell walls.
  • Side vents in all cells to enable “ air root pruning” which seedling will grow a biologically homogeneous and robust root system.
  • Made from recycle material and recyclable.
  • It is injection moulded for durability and better handling.

Product's Benefits

Less transplanting shock due to natural   root formation.

  • Zero waste and environmental friendly.
  • Deeper cell suitable for root   development of oil palm seedlings.
  • Space saving (cater up to 169 seedling per m2).
  • Require less workers without compromising productivity of nursery preparation. ( medium filling & Stacking).
  • Light weight and easy to handle allow mass transportation
  • Require less workers for transplanting into the main nursery.
  • Require less planting medium.
  • Light medium weight ease for handle and allow fast transplant.